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Hello, fellow travel enthusiasts! I am Starlat Ridgeway, but you can call me Star. Together with my husband Stan, we hail from the vibrant Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia respectively. We are blessed with a family of five, including our three children - Pierce, Anderson, and Weston. Not only do we immensely enjoy luxury vacations and thrilling adventures, but we also deeply believe in learning outside the four walls of a classroom.

Stan and I have been passionate about travel since before our children were born, and their arrival only added more joy to our explorations. From Hawaii to London, from Paris to California, from Las Vegas to New York, from Jamaica to Turks and Caicos - we've explored a multitude of destinations, our little ones always right by our sides.

However, our journey took a significant turn when we first traveled to Nairobi, Kenya. That one-month trip was transformative in ways we had never imagined, and we fell hopelessly in love with the place. Upon our return, we made the life-altering decision to sell our home and most of our possessions. A few months later, our bags were packed for a one-way trip to Nairobi, signaling the start of our life of full-time travel, with Kenya as our home base.

Education Through Adventure was born from these experiences. Through this platform, our blog, Youtube channel, and Instagram page, we share our favorite adventures, family travel tips, unique learning activities, and insider secrets on how you can travel on a budget, allowing you to join us in this incredible journey of full-time family travel.

We hope our story and experiences inspire other families to break the mold, explore the world together, and cherish the unparalleled learning experiences that travel offers. Buckle up, adventure awaits with Education Through Adventure!

My name is Starlat Ridgeway. Most people simply call me Star. I’m originally from Los Angeles, California and my husband Stan was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a family of 5 who love luxury vacations, adventure and learning outside of the classroom.

My husband and I have always loved to travel and when our 3 children (Pierce, Anderson and Weston) were born we didn’t allow that to stop us from exploring the world. We are passionate about teaching our children that life is meant to be enjoyed and that the best learning experiences happen when you travel.

We’ve been to Hawaii, London, Paris, California, Las Vegas, NewYork, Jamaica, Turks and Caico with our little ones right by our sides, but there was something different about our first trip to Africa.

In February 2022, we traveled to Nairobi, Kenya for one month and fell in love. We immediately came home to sell our home and most of our possessions. By the end of July, we boarded a one-way flight to Nairobi to begin our life of full-time travel with Kenya as our home base.

Through our website, blog, Youtube and Instagram page I will share some
of our favorite adventures, family travel tips, unique learning activities and tips on how you can make money from anywhere so you can travel the world full-time with your family too.

We hope to inspire other families to explore the world together and learn
through traveling.

Our Vision
At Education Through Adventure, our vision is to redefine travel, transforming it into a deeply enriching and educational experience. We aim to inspire a love for learning and exploration, cultivating a global community of enlightened travelers who appreciate the intrinsic value of different cultures, histories, and environments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide meticulously curated travel experiences that educate and inspire. We are committed to promoting sustainable travel practices, respecting and preserving the cultures and environments we explore. We endeavor to spark curiosity, foster understanding, and inspire a lifelong passion for learning and exploration. Every journey with Education Through Adventure is an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute positively to the world.

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